Sticking to my standards

A few years back, I got pretty upset with a boss of mine when she told me that not everyone holds themselves to the same high standards that I do, and that I had to cut other people some slack. I’ve never felt like I held myself to some hoity-toity high falutin’ standards, and I didn’t understand why it was so unreasonable to expect the same from others that I expect from me.

I could see a problem if I demanded more but not the same.

Doesn’t the universe come along with this:

The only person who should ever have to live by your standards, Natalie, is you.

Let everyone else off the hook. Besides, it’s doubtful they’ve lived as much, dreamt as big, or will ever be able to saunter quite like you.

The Universe

So as much as I hate to say it, I guess that old boss of mine was right. She just didn’t have the panache that The Universe has.

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