jQuery for Designers and a weekly screencast!

book-coverI’m pleased to announce that after months and months of writing and editing that the 2nd edition of jQuery for Designers is now available!

Even if you’ve already got the 1st edition sitting on your bookshelf (thank you for that, by the way), you’ll want to check out this updated edition because it’s a huge update. I’ve added in new chapters on responsive design, creating charts and graphs, working with images, and parallax and other scrolling effects.

I’m really proud of how well it’s turned out. I literally combed through each and every code snippet and made sure it was updated to use the latest and greatest from the jQuery library. I removed references to any outdated or abandoned plugins and subbed in updated plugins that are being actively maintained.

And if that’s not enough jQuery learning for ya, I’ve also released a weekly screencast – short snippets that walk through how to use jQuery in digestible bites. If you’re just getting started learning jQuery, then you’ll definitely want to check it out – each week you can follow along and learn a little something new about jQuery.

Here’s the first episode, though there are a few more to go with it!

Now, with that big project out of the way, I’m looking forward to working on some new and interesting stuffs. Stay tuned!

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