A little sad about Crazy

Crazy is my fish. I’ve had him for a four or five years. So I guess he’s kind of old as fish go.

Last week I noticed a big lump on his head. Some quick Google searching confirmed my fear – it’s probably cancer. When your $2 fish gets cancer, there’s not really much you can do.

Crazy seems fine. He’s eating normally (besides a little issue with being able to see his food around the lump on his head) and swimming around just like always.

Even though it’s silly, I’m a little sad. He’s my buddy. He’s been sitting here on my desk next to my computer, keeping me company while I work for years. My desk will be a whole lot lonelier without him around.

2 thoughts on “A little sad about Crazy

  1. i am so sorry nat.
    my fish weetzie just died about a month ago
    and i too had her for about 4 years.

    justin put her in the ocean.

    crazy was lucky to have you each day.
    that was one blessed fishy.

    love you
    mccabe x

  2. So sorry Nat. Most people wouldn’t understand being sad over something not furry and warm, but fish are people too 🙂 Let’s hope for the best here and that he just has a case of fish acne.

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