Designer’s Desk

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Designer’s Desk
Computer Tablet Phone Glasses Keyboard Mouse Graphics Tablet Small notebook Journal Mechanical Pencil


Designers need a computer to do their work well. One with a big and gorgeous screen is preferable.


A tablet is helpful for taking notes, taking photos of great design, or sketching up design ideas on the go.


Great for keeping up with all those Instagram, Vine, and Periscope happenings.


Need to be able to pick out tiny issues with a design and set up crisp and gorgeous typography.


Helpful for typing out tweets and answering emails.


Best tool around for pushing pixels around a screen.

Graphics Tablet

For those times when fine-grained control over a design is necessary.

Small notebook

Great for slipping into a pocket when going out for an inspiration walk


For drawing sketches and detailing plans for world domination.

Mechanical Pencil

Best for getting sharp, thin lines in sketches.